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Chiropractic Muscle TherapyMarshfield, WI

Orthopedic muscle therapy stimulates ligaments and muscles to promote healing and to alleviate symptoms: muscle spasms, joint stiffness, sprains, muscle soreness, and carpal tunnel syndrome. At Anew Health, we evaluate each patient and create a personal plan using a variety of massage techniques.

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Myofascial Muscle Therapy

There are many ways to relieve sore muscles At Anew Health we use a variety of myofascial soft-tissue techniques to remove adhesions or knots and to promote muscle health.

Active Release Technique (A.R.T.)

ART is a patented, state of the art soft tissue system/movement based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves. Headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, shoulder pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, knee problems, and tennis elbow are just a few of the many conditions that can be resolved quickly and permanently with ART. These conditions all have one important thing in common: they are often a result of overused muscles.

Graston Technique®

Graston effectively treats all soft tissue conditions, whether they are chronic or acute and post-surgical. The Graston Technique offers many advantages, such as:

  • Decreases overall time of treatment
  • Fosters faster rehabilitation/recovery
  • Reduces need for anti-inflammatory medication
  • Resolves chronic conditions thought to be permanent
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF Stretching)

    PNF is one of the most effective forms of flexibility training for increasing range of motion. PNF techniques can be both passive (no associated muscular contraction) or active (voluntary muscle contraction). While there are several variations of PNF stretching, they all have one thing in common - they facilitate muscular inhibition. It is believed that this is why PNF is superior to other forms of flexibility training

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