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Therapeutic exercises help to correct and restore neuro-musculoskeletal function including mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, balance and coordination. The goal of therapeutic exercises is to return an injured patient to a fully functioning, pain-free state. Loss of proper muscle and joint function are common effects that can lead to injury and/or be a result of injury. Therefore, it is extremely important that therapeutic exercises be considered as a part of your overall treatment plan.

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We prescribe specific strengthening exercises for our patients with back, neck, and extremity problems. These exercises can help decrease pain, prevent muscle deterioration, promote joint health, increase strength, stability and range of motion, and protect against new or recurring injuries.

Our assessment approaches help us to better guide the corrective and therapeutic exercise portion of your treatment plan. It is imperative that your exercises match your specific needs to provide the corrections necessary to help you improve with more rapid and lasting results.

We will show you how to perform the exercises and supervise you until you are comfortable doing them on your own. It's important to keep up with your exercises as prescribed (similarly to drug prescriptions). Studies show that individuals who follow their exercise instructions heal faster than those who do not.

Therapeutic Stretches

Following an injury, therapeutic stretching is an important way to prevent scar tissue from forming. Even after the injury has healed, maintaining a regular stretching program helps keep tissues flexible, increases mobility, and protects you from new injuries.

Spinal Traction

We use spinal traction, in which traction devices are applied to distract areas of the spine. This treatment helps to gently separate the vertebrae resulting in disc decompression, reduced nerve root pressure, and less pain.

Soft Tissue Manual Therapy

We use a variety of hands-on soft tissue therapies to improve the function of the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joint capsules). These include pin and stretch, also known under a proprietary name Active Release Technique (ART), and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (Graston Technique).

Our holistic health care team will work together to provide an innovative and comprehensive approach to Function Based Exercise. The exercises mimic real life activities and build the participant’s strength, endurance, flexibility and stability.

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