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What is the importance of a Certified Organic product? EVERYTHING!

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What is the difference between Naturally Occurring and Synthetic? EVERYTHING!

Unless a product is certified organic you can be sure neither the product itself nor enough of its ingredients have been grown, harvested, or processed in a manner that meets the regulations for organic certification - nor can you be certain it is 100% synthetic-free. 100% of the vitamins, minerals, and cofactors in Vita Sufficiency come from 100% certified organic plants and fruits. Dr. Chestnut would accept nothing less on your behalf.

To put simply a potentially it is the difference harmful manufactured between a 100% chemical % safe and product beneficial. That’s naturally a BIG difference occurring! Essential naturally occurring vitamins are in their natural biochemical state - they are in the form that is matched to our genetic biological needs. Synthetic vitamins are not from foods or anything else a human would normally eat - they are chemical products produced from things such as coal tar and are not in the same biochemical form as naturally occurring vitamins. This is why Vita Sufficiency is produced with only 100% naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from fruits and plants and is 100% synthetic-free.


The first things to establish are whether or not the product is CERTIFIED ORGANIC and whether or not 100% of the vitamins, minerals, and cofactors come from 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC plants and fruits. If the product does not display a CERTIFIED ORGANIC stamp, regardless of how many times they use the term organic, it is NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Don’t get fooled. The next thing to establish is that the product is 100% synthetic-free. If it does not say this then you can be sure it isn’t. If you see suffixes like acetate, bitartrate, chloride, gluconate, nitrate, or succinate you are seeing synthetics. Also look for non-food ingredients and things like YEAST or bacteria. Many manufacturers now feed synthetics to yeast or bacteria and then extract the vitamins and minerals back out and are allowed to call these natural!! Specifically ask the manufacturer if they use synthetics ANYWHERE in their process - again, don’t get fooled. Make sure there is a FACTS PANEL telling you the AMOUNT and SOURCE of vitamins, minerals, and cofactors such as polyphenols and bioflavonoids. If they don’t tell you this it is because they don’t want you to know! Don’t buy anything unless you know exactly what you are getting for your money!

Sources, biochemical forms, and amounts of ingredients are what determine quality and value!

Research Indicates That:

1. Plants and fruits contain Vitamins, Minerals, and Cofactors that are ESSENTIAL for recovery, wellness and prevention.

Scientific and clinical research has proven that vitamins, minerals, and cofactors are ESSENTIAL for recovery, wellness, and prevention. Without enough amounts of these essential nutrients it is not possible to get or stay well.

2. The Western, Industrial Diet is DANGEROUSLY DEFICIENT in ESSENTIAL vitamins, minerals, and cofactors.

Research is clear that we are deficient in our intake of fresh raw fruits and vegetables. We also know that modern, non-organic industrial farming techniques produce fruits and vegetables that contain significantly reduced amounts of essential vitamins, minerals, and cofactors.

3. Supplementation is a logical, affordable, and practical way to ensure SUFFICIENT intake of these ESSENTIAL nutrients.

Although eating and juicing 10 servings of multicolored, local, organic, vine ripened fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to ensure enough essential nutrient intake. The fact is that most do not meet this requirement on a daily basis. Proper supplementation is an affordable, practical way to ensure enough intake of ESSENTIAL vitamins, minerals, and cofactors.

4. A Certified Organic, 100% Naturally Occurring, 100% Synthetic-Free, 100% Yeast Free, 100% Plant Derived, 100% Certified Organic Plant and Fruit Sourced Multivitamin-Mineral is the BEST, SAFEST, and MOST BENEFICIAL supplement choice you can make.

Science is clear that what we require for recovery, wellness and prevention is SUFFICIENT daily intake of ESSENTIAL vitamins, minerals, and cofactors in their naturally occurring biochemical form as found in organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables. To ensure that the herb, fruit, and vegetable sources are PURE and that the supplement itself contains only naturally occurring nutrients the supplement must also be Certified Organic, 100% Synthetic-Free, and 100% Yeast-Free. Vita Sufficiency meets all these exacting standards. In fact, Vita Sufficiency has SET THE STANDARD.

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