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People may not realize that one’s body weight can impact multiple areas of the human body. Being overweight can impact one’s overall health and cause chiropractic health issues. While these issues will not occur overnight, being overweight or obese can lead to chiropractic health issues and pain that hinders one’s quality of life.

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Weight loss Benefits

In many cases, losing weight can help provide lasting relief to chiropractic pain. As a weight loss chiropractor in Marshfield, WI, we can help patients receive the chiropractic treatment that works in tandem with weight loss goals. We will customize the treatment plan to the patient’s needs and incorporate the treatment into their lifestyle.

If you are interested in learning more about chiropractic weight loss treatment, then give us a call today.

At Anew Health, we focus on addressing one’s overall health instead of only one aspect. When it comes to chiropractic weight loss, we strive to find and develop an effective treatment for back pain relief through weight loss. Benefits of our treatment options as a weight loss chiropractor in Marshfield, WI include:

  • Professional guidance on weight loss techniques
  • Nutrition advice and instruction
  • Chiropractic techniques to help ease stress on back during weight loss
  • Customized weight loss treatment plan
  • Exercises techniques for losing weight and can provide stress relief on back

By customizing a patient’s treatment, we can help them develop a personalized weight loss plan. Along with that, this plan will consider any existing conditions or issues that can make certain exercises more difficult than others. We will help patients identify exercises and activities that the patient can enjoy doing. This way, the patient will find greater motivation to continue the exercise.

How Weight loss Impacts Back Pain

While being overweight or obese does not immediately result in back pain, that pain is a possible symptom that develops over time. Excess fat can put strain and stress on various areas of the body from the feet to the spine. The pain can start out as mild soreness that gradually develops into more serious pain and possible health issues.

The pain can also hinder people from wanting to lose weight through exercise, due to the fear of causing more pain and soreness. It is important to note that being overweight does not result in the same level of back pain for each individual. The spine may even try to compensate for the excess weight by tilting or curving in an uneven shape.

The Treatment Process

As a weight loss chiropractor in Marshfield, WI, the process for effective weight loss is to target multiple areas of one’s lifestyle. The three main areas are one’s daily exercise, nutrition intake and lifestyle habits. Our treatment process involves gathering information about these three main areas and customizing treatment for the patient. The treatment plan we develop will have the patient’s overall and chiropractic health in mind.


Exercise is crucial to the success of any weight loss plan. However, not all exercises are healthy for a specific patient. For instance, people will believe that completing a workout to the point of exhaustion and falling over is the most effective method. In reality, many of the “New Trend” weight loss plans are not the right fit for everyone.

The goal with proper exercise is to start out with easier exercises and gradually increase the intensity over time. This does not mean the exercise will be too easy. However, it is important to listen to one’s body and not go too far. We can help patients learn to measure their limits. One type of exercise we may recommend is swimming since the water can help relieve tension on the spine.

Diet and Nutrition

We can help patients learn the specific nutritional and dietary changes to help lose weight. Dieting can include eating smaller portions during meals, decreasing the number of calories consumed each day, eating healthier foods, avoiding carbohydrates and choosing foods that are low in fat. The type of plan we recommend will depend on the patient’s overall condition and health.

We can help the patient establish a nutritional plan and help them remain on the plan.

Lifestyle Habits

We will also recommend various tips for lifestyle changes outside of diet and exercise. For instance, slouching can cause spine disfigurement and pain. We can help patients maintain proper posture and avoid causing more soreness. Along with this, we can identify any existing chiropractic conditions that may hinder losing weight and treat them. With healthier lifestyle habits and our customized weight loss plan, we can help you to reach your goal.

Is chiropractic weight loss possible? It may be a new concept for you, but if your weight loss program does not work, then you may want to try chiropractic weight loss. Who knows? This might be your ticket to a fit and trim body. Dr. Margaret Mertens, a chiropractor and owner of Anew Health Clinic in Marshfield, WI knows how to help you with your weight problems.

How chiropractic weight loss works?

Massage and manipulation

Massages can help tone your muscles and strengthen them. When the muscles become firm and well-toned, the conversion of excess fats like triglycerides stored in your adipose tissue will occur. The manual manipulation in chiropractic treatment helps reduce weight too, through the amount of calorie spent in the manipulation. If done properly and regularly, you can lose weight gradually with chiropractic weight loss exercise and muscle manipulation.

Nutrition in chiropractic weight loss

A good chiropractor like Dr. Margaret will integrate the holistic approach in her technique, so she will include nutrition in her strategy. Because of this, you can effectively lose weight when you are under chiropractic treatment. Proper diet required by chiropractors involve food that would lessen the existing pathologic condition and enhance metabolism, digestion and good health. One example is when you have pain due to gouty arthritis, Dr. Mertens would require you to reduce legumes intake and increase hydration. This diet will help reduce your weight. If you have cardiovascular conditions, Cardiovascular Diseases (or CVD) causing pain, then the chiropractic weight loss technique will prevent you from eating meat fats, which can exacerbate your CVD. This type of diet will also help you reduce weight because most of the extra weight stored in your body is from fat deposits. These fat deposits were not utilized for energy, so they are stored in the liver, the adipose tissue and the abdominal area. All of these increase your weight and can lead to obesity.

Healthy lifestyle

In chiropractic weight loss, Dr. Margaret will advise you to observe a healthy lifestyle; this means no drugs, no alcohol and no vice. It also means getting enough sleep. You should not drink coffee and smoke; but instead, drink lots of water and natural fruit juices. This lifestyle reduces weight because of the reduction of the intake of calories and the substitution of good foods, which have lots of essential nutrients and vitamins.

Chiropractic weight reduction is a good technique to lose weight. While undergoing chiropractic care, you can also achieve an ideal weight and a healthy mind and body.

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